...International Conference on Integrative... Approaches of Rodent Studies

Mashhad, 27-29 January 2018

The Institute of Applied Zoology and the Biology Department of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, in collaboration with the National Museum of Natural History of Paris, the Research Centre for Emerging and Reemerging Infectious Diseases of Pasteur Institute of Iran and the Iranian Biology Society, are organizing the “International Conference on Integrative Approaches of Rodent Studies”. The conference will be held at the Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran on January 27-29, 2018. It will be an exciting opportunity for attendees to network and share knowledge on different aspects of research carried out on Rodents. The conference will include International plenary speakers, special sessions for oral presentations, poster sessions, training workshops and awards for the best oral and poster presentations. The official languages of the conference will be English and French.


-Taxonomy and Phylogeny

Organizers: Drs. Violaine Nicolas-Colin, Christiane Denys, Boris Krystufek, Jamshid Darvish and Mansour Aliabadian

-Host and Parasites Interactions

Organizers: Drs. Jean-Pierre Hugot, Gholamreza Mowlavi, Gholamreza Razmi and Saied Reza Naddaf

-Epidemiology and Rodent-borne Diseases

Organizers: Drs. Aude Lalis, Ehsan Mostafavi

-Neogene and Quaternary Rodents

Organizers: Drs. Christiane Denys and Marjan Mashkour

-Pest Management

Organizers: Drs. Christiane Denys, Omid Mirshamsi

-Evolution and Ecology

Organizers: Drs. Julien Claude, Fereshteh Ghasemzadeh, Roohollah Siahsarvie and Faezeh Yazdani Moghadam

Training workshops

-Field Trapping Protocols and Sampling Methodologies of Rodents and Their Parasites (a post- conference two-day fieldwork)

-Integrative Identification of Rodents

-Geometric Morphometrics with R Program






Conference news


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